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Konica Minolta Software Application Solutions

Cost Accounting

Monitor, manage, and measure all network document activity from a single point. Efficient cost accounting systems let you configure multiple-copy units for coins, bills and stored value cards.


  • Manage and measure network document activity
  • Configure units for coins and bills
  • Efficient cost recovery systems


Document Management

Powerful, simple document management applications to help you scan, store, distribute and archive information quickly and more cost effectively. Realize the full potential of your Konica Minolta bizhub as a central document resource that moves information faster.


  • Speed workflow
  • Powerful, simple solution
  • Quick and cost effective


Device Administration

Device administration software allows businesses to network utilities that support all aspects of Konica Minolta bizhub functionality. These aspects include device status, monitoring and setup, configuring multiple devices from a single point, bringing bizhub devices into enterprise systems and managing addresses and security dates more efficiently.


  • Effectively manage bizhub systems
  • Protects sensitive documents
  • Provides additional layer of backup


Print Stream Software

Take control of printing and routing by transforming print streams to industry-standard files for networked bizhub devices, printers and duplicators.


  • Control printing and routing
  • Transform print steams to industry-standard files


Production Workflow

For busy production print environments, you can count on Konica Minolta to help you manage your production workflow with print management software.


  • Connect and control multiple output devices
  • Increase throughput; minimize downtime
  • Optimize your printer investment


Security Systems

Protecting sensitive electronic information is of greater concern than ever before. With the proliferation of connected multi-functional office products, protecting electronic documents processed by bizhub secure MFPs is an absolute requirement in the 21st century workplace.


  • Eliminate any possible threat from attack
  • Protect sensitive data
  • Easy and effective security


Variable Data Printing

Improve your image and personalize your customer communications with variable data printing software. These powerful software applications merge data with customized electronic forms for efficient, economical printing — including letters, invoices announcements, direct mail flyers and much more.


  • Merge data with customized forms
  • Create personalized communications
  • Cost effective, economical printing


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